Trace and Wipe boards

Introducing some very special products, Trace and Wipe boards!!

These are perfect additions to a low waste playroom, these beautiful boards are long lasting, light and the perfect size for travel and everyday use. These boards will have your little one practicing for hours, without any waste AND once your child outgrows this fantastic educational resource they are perfect to hand on to younger siblings, cousins and friends, these boards are truly a fantastic addition to your learning resources.

We currently have three boards available:

Follow the line tracer (Pre-writing)

Perfect for preschool learners, this board will have your little one honing all the skills they will need for writing.

Numbers & Words

Numbered 1-10, accompanied by the corresponding written word. Perfect for practicing numbers, word recognition and giving those fine motor skills a workout.


A absolute necessity for preschooler and primary school students, featuring both lower and uppercase alphabet, perfect for practicing on the go.