Honeysticks Crayons

Honeysticks crayons are made from 100% natural New Zealand beeswax, with all food grade ingredients so they are perfect for littles that are prone to putting everything and anything in their mouth! 

The crayons smell beautiful, are vibrantly coloured and make stunning bright markings, both the product and the packaging can be recycled so they are a fantastic option for those of us who are environmentally conscious.

We stock four varieties of Honeysticks:

  • Originals- thick, easy grip and very hard to snap, these are the perfect choice for toddlers and younger kids (12 crayons)


  • Longs- extra long and thick, great for small kids and preschoolers (6 crayons)


  • Thins- traditional crayon size for finer lines for those wood drawings by the bigger kids (8 crayons)


  • Bath- made of a soy/ beeswax mix these jumbo bath friendly crayons will be loved by EVERYONE, use on glass, tiles and ceramic, easily removed with a gentle clean. (7 crayons)