Squeaky Clean

Here at Wunderkinds Toys, we know that we all have to be more cautious, so to address COVID-19 concerns we have increased our cleaning and saitization of products in line with recommendations from the Australian government and the World Health Organisation.

Once a toy pack has been picked up from customer, toys are 'rested' for 48 hours, meaning they are left in the pick up bag, this allows for any traces of virus to become nonviable. All toys are cleaned after use, with the removal of any dirt or soiling, using warm soapy water. Depending on toy material, they are then disinfected using diluted bleach or spray disinfectant. Toys will be 'rested' 48 hours before delivery, with packs handled using disposable gloves.

The likelihood of contracting the coronavirus from surfaces is extremely unlikely, but we are here to keep you safe and happy.