About Us

Hello, I'm Belle and I am the mum behind Wunderkinds Toys. I became a mum to my beautiful son Orson in 2017 and with this sparked my interest in changing how I consume product and my impact on the next generation. I love the idea of the shared economy and it make so much sense to apply this idea to toys, which is when Wunderkinds Toys was created. 

With 90% of an adults brain development happening in the years under 5, it makes sense that the grow out of toys quickly. To be able to provide your child with new high-quality, educational toys for each stage of your child's development would be costly and leave your house full of toys!

Some of the benefits of subscribing to Wunderkinds Toys;

  • Being part of the sharing economy you are are consuming less and drastically extending the play life of our toys. 
  • Toy rotation is made easy, each month a set of clean, interesting, educational toy are delivered to your door.
  • Access to a huge range of premium quality, eco-friendly, developmentally and age appropriate toys. 
  • Provided with information on how to extend the play of our toys with games ideas.
  • Free delivery to Melbourne's Inner West and Northern Suburbs

 Isabelle X